9 October 2013

Urban Heart Beating bag

In case you were wandering, and if not, I'm still going to tell you, I am way behind my 6 kilos of Vogue fall fashion training . BUT, in my 10 minutes of reading through the September Italian Vogue Accessorise I saw something that I might afford: a Desigual bag. And liked it, too.

Today I bought the October Elle and, in it, there was a mini catalogue from Desigual. To my surprise I liked more stuff from there than I would expect. And, of course, there was the bag. And a super knitted cardigan, a nice blouse, great boots...

Who knows how "the bag" will enter my house in November. The most important thing is to be physically in the house in December. Perfect timing, right?!

Earth to A.
Venus to Mars
Child (in me) to Santa
hope you can hear me...

Do you think is too early to write this year's letter to Santa? Last year it worked like magic so I'm now waiting for this year's magic. Abracadabra coming my way, please!

Aura- Appreciative Joy Curator

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