30 October 2013

To NY and back - Humans of New York

If you could live anywhere in this big world, what would be your choice?
This summer I fall in love with London, it was love at second sight, but still love. Even so, I don't feel like leaving Bucharest...And I haven't been to so many great cities yet. Like New York. Not really, but I've been traveling there virtually for a week now and it's been a blast.

Only recently I discovered HONY - Humans of New York. Chances are that, unlike me, you already know about the blog, if not you have to check it out. It's a storytelling photography blog that shares New Yorkers stories. Just as fascinating as the one of Brandon Stanton, the 29 year old artist behind the blog.

Brandon began with only photos but he really nailed it when he starting talking to his "subjects" and adding a piece of conversation to the photo. The pictures give room for imagination and the writing is giving directions for the readers to make a fine story. The comments of the readers are fantastic too cause each post is a conversation starter. To make things even better, there is a community side, cause Bradon supports raising money for the subjects that could use some. And HONY does a wonderful job at this, too.

Humans of New York - the book was just launched this month and it is already # 1 NYT bestseller. That's how great the blog, the stories, the traveling and the author are. What better place to enjoy diveristy in all its beauty than NY?

HONY is a dream come true! For more about Brandon check these out on abc , mashable or huff- they are worth your time!

Enjoy NY everyday wherever you are!
Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

Photo credit: HONY, I picked that photo because Brandon says it's the one that made him cry

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