27 October 2013

On curiosity, space and emotions

Jonathan Fields and his team offers me a present every week. That's what his videos are to me. This week, interviewing Chip Conley, felt so special that I had to share it with you.

Chip talks bout a lot of things: joie de vivre, creating meaning, being prisoner of success, a flat line experience, a spacious life, festivals, self transcendence, cultural effervescence, egos melting, cultural curiosity and a lot more.

I listened to the 48 minute interview twice and even took notes:

"Curiosity is fascinating. It's the opposite of depression. Depression is a closing down, curiosity is an opening up. Curiosity is the one feeling most correlated with happiness... when you're curious by nature, you keep your options open and you look for new things. When you take that curious spirit to everything, it allows you to imagine more."

"In life you can have one of 3 relationships with work: job, career, calling."

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." Viktor E. Frankl

And it gave me some things/plans to take away:
I'm curious, did you find the time to watch it and do you like it as much as I do ?

Have a contagious joyful day!

Credit photo: Good life project

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