21 October 2013

Morning wake up routine

An unforeseen nap on the living room couch

Sometimes my boys are having a hard time waking up in the morning. So I try to find ways to make this as easy and as pleasant as I can for them. This morning, Cristian was still keeping his eyes closed when I started kissing all the body parts I can saying Good morning to each and every of them:
- Good morning, hair!
- Good morning, eyes!
- Good morning, years!
- Good morning, nose!
- Good morning, lips!
- Good morning, chicks!
- Good morning, neck!
- Good morning, hands!
- Good morning, tummy!
- Good morning, back!
and I continued with some explaining:
- You know what I just did, Cristian? I did magic. When I kissed each part of you and said good morning I made it so that you will have a really good day.
He was already smiling during our kissing session, eyes still shut, and that's all I needed to see.

I did the same with Tudor afterwards. He is a very affectionate little guy so I knew from the beginning that he would  like it a lot. When I finished he asked for more, of course:
- Mommy, can you does magic again? (Mami, mai face magie!)

I will definitely try this again. It was such a sweet start of the week!

Some evening wrestling before sleep

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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