5 October 2013

Liquid Alchemy

It's Saturday, 14:22 , as I am writing this. For the last 7 hours ( needles to say almost a full working day even though it's weekend) I've been cleaning, cooking, washing, serving, feeding...running around the house.  Now I have finally put my ass on the couch. It just feels great! I even told my kids that I am on a mommy break so that they stop calling me every other 2 minutes or else go to sleep. Obviously they picked the first.

We're leaving to the circus in about 1 hour which gives me maxim 30 minutes to tell you about this great add. With a touch of magic. I'm not much of an add critic but this one really got me coming back just for the viewing pleasure. And the teasing: Liquid Alchemy - Baileys Chocolat :

Now, tell me, don't you crave for a Baileys Chocolat after seeing this? I certainly do, but I'll just delay the pleasure for tonight's airing of "The Voice". And because I don't have Baileys in the house a glass of milk with a touch of Sheridon's will be just fine of a replacement. Circus, The Voice, a drink and finally doing nothing in front of the TV sounds like a good Saturday mommy plan, don't you think?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. other great adds: Living together and Roshambo

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