29 October 2013

Haircut: splurge or save?

I always say that if someday I will get rich I'd never wash my hair at home. This would be the ultimate luxury for me. Not that I would like to be rich someday. I don't think being rich would make me any happier than I am today, but this is a different story. Until than, I go to the hairdresser salon around 4 times a year. So, last week I decided it was high time I splurged on a good hair cut and went for one of the bests. I booked an appointment at our local celebrity: Geta Voinea.

She was nice and very friendly, and also a little late cause that's what VIPs do, I guess . I let her choose the styling for me, which I normally do as I always welcome a little change, and she advised me to let it grow. I am already curious and excited about my next appointment. It was definitely a pleasant experience and I am very happy with the result.

So, what about you? What are your latest self investments?


P.S. one funny bad hair tip here

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