4 October 2013

Great expectations

I was a good student in high school seldom skipping classes, but one day, towards the end of the high school the entire class went out and we saw this movie that become my favourite movie. Maybe it was the age- that age when you meet your first love that sticks with you for the rest of your life. Somehow this was what happened to me with Great Expectations. It came at the right time - time for high hopes, romance and searching for the right one.

I don't say this often about things, but I just love everything about this movie: the story, the mood it sets for me, how it speaks to me every time I see it again, the colours, some lines deeply engraved in my memory, the end... and the list can go on forever. Cause each time the film reveals something new to me. And let's not forget about the music from Life in Mono to Besame Mucho.

Estela, what a beautiful name! It stayed with me so much that, at some point, I used it in all my passwords. Not anymore, so don't give it a try. I like the dancing there,Estella's dress, their kisses at the water fountain...

I warned you, it's hard for me to refrain my enthusiasm over this film. My all time favourite. So, tonight I'm going to see it again. It's a little bit like turning to an old friend. You didn't keep in touch lately but you are sure your time together will be just great.

I'm curios: what's your all time favourite movie?


P.S. Other references to the movie in The lady of the rings and  The essence of life 

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