25 October 2013

AdR's legs

If you haven't got any idea on what AdR stands for, you are in the right place. I mean, I am sure none of my friends do, cause they have better things to do than reading through fashion and street-style blogs.

AdR is Anna dello Russo, as Helmut Newton puts it, she is "a fashion maniac" and I totally agree. She is the editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan but I think she spends most of her time getting dressed. If you know the expression "effortlessly chic" (which I agree with thesartorialist that such thing does not really exist) well, she is the opposite of  "effortlessly". Everything about her is so "put together" and I totally respect that about her.

But let's not get into details, just the legs. Those legs, how can you be 100-year old and have these toned legs? Ouch, how mean of me!!! That's what happens to girls touched by envy, they get mean, don't  they?! Ok, ok, she is half 100 (51 actually) but those legs look just perfect. Why are those fashion girls allowed to look so toned? It puts such preasure on us, the biscuit-eating girls. Or maybe not enough, cause otherwise we would have given up sweets a long time ago.

Do you think AdR ever eats chocolate chips biscuits?


P.S. Allure: Lady in Red

Photo credit 1. Mr. Newton via harpersbazaar 2. lamodellamafia

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