15 October 2013

"About time" for a movie review

I feel blogative this week. So many things I could share If only I didn’t fall asleep when I put the kids to bed.  I’ve seen a nice movie, finished my current read, watched a few  episodes of the TV series on everyone’s Netflix these days... Where shall I start? Btw, blogative is king of talkative but for the blog, like being  “talkative in writing”; got that, right?! I’m just trying to play the creative one here. Hope you appreciate it :)

Let's start with the movie. I did something really exceptional and went out for a movie and drinks on Friday night. I was truly amazed by the city traffic late at night and how many people are partying in the Old Town as opposed to what I normally do (stay home with the kids). Back to the film’s story, I believe this is the movie most aligned to my blog’s philosophy. In case you didn't detect one so far, it goes like:
 “Life’s little pleasures are worth sharing and celebrating. Gratitude is the key to being happy. Enjoy life and pay it forward!”

Back to the movie: it resonates with you even more if you are a parent.  I got the urge to make another baby by the end of the movie , but when I was waken up by my little one early in the morning after,  I reconsidered.  I’m kind of joking here anyways because making a child is not a decision I can make on my own just like that.

So,” It’s about time” spoke to me about the beauty of family life, having children and the relation one has with his/her parents. Some say that you go back to appreciating your mom and dad only when you have your own kids. I think it’s true. After the rebellious teen years you kind of grow apart but then it all ties together starting with the moment you become a parent yourself.

If you’re constantly reading this and you are a parent, chances are you'll find this movie as touching as I did. And yes, there were a lot of tears towards the end. The film starts by being funny, you can get bored in the middle but, in the end, it’s worth the time. It definitely was for me.

I hope you’ll enjoy it !
Aura – Appreciative Joy Curator

P.S. you can see the original enthusiastic post about the movie, trailer included, here.

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