23 October 2013

A little bit of patience


This morning the best business idea came to my mind.
If I could I would set up and run an ON-LINE PATIENCE SHOP.

My targeted customers would be:
  • the parents - I was trying to dress Tudor this morning when this crazy idea hit me. And it wasn't even one of the worst days. It was on ok-ish one. But I surely needed more patience then.
  • the lovers - in a marriage or not, or in any other love relationship. Cohabitation, waiting for your needs to be met requires patience so I think lovers would visit my shop also
  • sons and daughters of any age. The one thing I wished for and waited my entire childhood was to grow so that I don't have to do what my parents told me to do. Cause they always said that as long as I was a child I needed to do what they wanted me to do. Being an adult now I kind of get it, but back then I could use a little more patience.
  • employees and employers - let's not even start talking about this.
So, would you buy it? What if patience was just a click -away? Add to chart, pay and log off to a better mood.
Furthermore, I think I would like it even better if I'd offer it for free, like a give-away. If only I had this superpower!

So, would you like a little bit of extra patience in your life, some "zenitude" for the times when the road gets rough?

Aura- Appreciative Joy Curator

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