13 September 2013

What do women want?

That's a tough one, that's for sure! We started this conversation a few months ago, talking about longing and belonging .
Women themselves don't know what they want at least at some point in time. And men, I am sure they'd be willing to be shocked with a hairdryer in the bathtub to know the answer to this question. It can be tiring but it can also get you the woman that you want and plays hard to get. You remember Mel Gibson in "What woman want", don't you?

The movie was entertaining but the answer from Brian McFadden is more concentrated, more funny, more philosophical and sadly true. Let's face it: sometimes we take fairytale for reality, have huge expectations and wait for the perfect guy to love us madly, deeply, truly. But that's just me, I am sure you are more realistic, aren't you? Haha...

So, like Brian says: take notes, guys! Women want a lot! Can you, boys, handle it? We can. And we want. A lot. You know why? Because we deserve it!!!

Aura- Appreciative Joy Curator

Photo credit: fanart.tv

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