20 September 2013

Thoughtfulness at 5 and 2

I was cooking dinner today when Cristisor came to check the pan :
Are you making risotto, mommy?
No, do you want me to?
Not now, tomorrow, I will give you the day off today (Nu, maine sa faci ca sa-ti dau si eu liber azi)

Later on, we were eating dinner when I accidentally spilled some yogurt on Tudor's pants. I said I was sorry and wiped it away when he surprisingly said:
No worries mom, it's OK (Nu-i nimic, mami)
When you have a 2 year old every vocabulary addition comes as a surprise, especially when it's that polite.

Days like this I wish all men were that thoughtful and I am so proud of my two fine (very) young men.

Have a great weekend!

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