27 September 2013

The Altucher Confidential

If you like great stories, very smart people and blogs, The Altucher Confidentail is the place to be/read.

You can find more about James Altucher here but "peu importe". See, I try to play the smart one here with a little bit of French so that I give you the wrong impression that I could keep up with  him. Haha!

Here are some of the things that James has written about lately:

Stories about Hate
"One thing I know: the only key to success is persistence.
Not genius. Not luck (since luck is created by quantity and not quality). Not connections or networks (I’m a horrible networker but persistence builds a network).
There is only one skill: the skill to persist."

The Ultimate Collage Challange to Fool my Kids into not Going to College
Where he writes about challenges for the kids; if one is completed he will "help" them go to College

The Only Thing You'll ever Need
"But you can’t buy happiness with unhappiness.
Much more fun to sit in the audience. And to laugh at the clowns. But I had to figure out who the clowns were.
Clowns are very tricky you know. They are in disguise and wear a lot of makeup.
Can you find the clowns in your life?
And once I learned to laugh at the clowns, everything was like magic. Everything I ever wanted came true."

Always there is a piece of wisdom at the end of each post, but what is really fascinating is the story that James writes before he draws the conclusions.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Aura- Appreciative Joy Curator.

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