21 September 2013

I turn to you...with gratitude

A year ago, right about this time, I was writting my first post. I had no idea what I was getting myslef into.
I was a long follower of some blogs (I will surely tell you about them some time) and some day I said I can do this. What was I thinking? No thinking, fantasising would be more accuarate of a description.

I did my lessons, I had around 5 posts planned, and at some point, I just took the dive. After listening to a beatiful song. Now, 242 posts away I am trully amazed that, as a full time working mom with 2 little boys, I found the time to prepare and write all these. If you're curious to know when: it's after I put the kids to bed. One can't have it all, fun and 8 hour sleep. Because I must tell you that it has been more than fun. It's my special something, my challange to keep my focus on the positive stuff in my life and find the time to share it with you.

What was I thinking? I must ask again. There are so many bloggers out there...but somehow I started, little by little, to make room for myslef. And the time? I usually make the time and when I can't I just go to sleep hoping that you will come back and visit even though I can't stick to 5 posts a week.

The one lesson I've learnt from this experience is : when you are trully passionate about something you make the time even though sometimes it seems that you don't have enough time as it is.

I wanna thank you for taking the blog ride with me and I wanna thank my friends who were here with me from the beginning spreading the joy.

There comes a time when it's your time, even if you're 33 married with children or 54 with grandchildren. I go back to where I started, X Factor, and give you Lillie McCloud - 54 but rocking:

And you know what's really awesome?! I just found out that today is World Gratitude Day. I couldn't be more happy since this blog is all about life little pleasures and being grateful for the joys in my life.

Thanks a million for being here with me!!!

Photo from annainherwonderland