8 September 2013

Doctor or hospital

We are back home from our one week vacation at the seaside.

At dinner, Cristian was complaining that he was not feeling very well...So, when the boys were in bed ready for sleep, Tudor started complaining too:
T: head hurts, tummy hurts, leg hurts, hand hearts
C: your entire body hurts, we should take you to a hospital
T: no 'pital (hospital)
C: but yes, we should take you to a hospital to make you feel well
T: no 'pital, doctor
C: not to the doctor, to the hospital Tudor
T: no 'pital, doctor

and there were a few other lines in between when Cristisor made the closing argument:
C: Hospital makes you well, doctor only gives you pills.
T: no 'pital, doctor.

Tudor was not convinced and I had to cut their conversation so that they could fall asleep.
I tend to agree with C to some extent, pills are just like pacifiers. They are muting the pain just like pacifiers are muting the babies when we are tired of comforting them. And, did I mention that Tudor is one week "pacifier" sober?! Haha. We did it!
Take care of yourselves so that you don't need pills or hospitals :))!
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