11 September 2013

Autumn DOs

Already 11 days into fall, so we need to have a plan and make the most of this lovely season.
Here is my list and I hope you will share some of your favorite activities this time of year:

  1. drink fresh grapes juice, eat a lot of apples and bake a pumpkin pie;
  2. eat fish and seafood twice a week cause I like it a lot and I tend to forget about it (obviously this is not season specific but there is no better time to start than the present);
  3. give up on Snickers ice cream bars for the sake of my waist line or what is left of it;
  4. read a great book cause I haven't done it in months. And I am happy I just started one - "Inferno" by Dan Brown. I would like to find a funny chick lit one too, I heard that "Devil wears Prada" is back. Do you have any suggestions? Any of the genres will do;
  5. spend an extended weekend with my family in the mountains before it starts snowing;
  6. carve a pumpkin and plan a special night for Halloween with my kids;
  7. buy an wok and learn some new recipes that use it;
  8. find a great autumn coat;
  9. exercise 10 minutes daily - as doable as this may seem it will be a though one to incorporate in my daily routine;
  10. take a walk in the rain.
Later edit: today we went to the farmers' market to buy green nuts- you know the ones that you need to peel of to eat them - my boys liked them a lot. Autumn is here, definetly, hip hip hooray!
And we walked a little in the rain so number 10 is checked.

Have a lovely autumn!
Aura- Appreciative Joy Curator

1 comment:

  1. This autumn we're set on making butternut squash soup and having apple cider (both hot and cold).

    I am also excited to start wearing scarves and boots again. Boots are probably the most comfortable type of footwear I'll ever own.