25 September 2013

Allure: Lady in red

Maybe you had too many baguettes lately (like you know who ) or any other treats you are indulging yourself with. Or maybe you wanna lose weight or tone up ( which, if you ask me, is way harder than it should be. Or at least than it used to be for me) . If so I know the perfect photo to give you a kick in the ass.

When I saw this picture of Giovanna Bataglia I got a diet rush. If she can have this body and waist line, and she apparently is human, maybe I can do it too. Or at least try. I just wander if she ever eats anything. I mean what on earth could fit in that extra little stomach of hers?!

And look at the dress... What better choice?! Talking about allure: a great body, a bold red dress and a ton of self-confidence that follows. This is the fascination that Garance is talking about here.

I think I will print this in colour and put it on my fridge. I heard it works, provided that you don't open the door too often :).


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