23 September 2013

6.3 kilos of fashion and 420 grams of flour

Vogue is in da house. My house. 4 September issues: UK, FR, IT, USA. I am "only" 2200 pages away of being fully trained in trends. Fashion trends. One might think that I had a relaxing weekend reading through 6.3 kilos of fashion news and beautiful commercials. Apparently the 10 minutes that I had to do this weren't enough. What a surprise! I just hope I will get the chance to do my fall fashion training by next September.

So instead of doing this:
(an arrangement that only lasted long enough for me to take a deceiving picture of what my weekend might have been like) I did this:

Actually Moulinex bread maker did it but I contributed also. I feel a lot more of a domestic goddess now after baking my first 2 batches of baguettes. I know, I know, machine did the most, but zacusca , I did it all by myself and it was so delicious. So I saved the glamour for later and enjoyed home- made goodies instead.

And, after all this hard work, I was entertained by a very good new series. Wanna know? I'll tell you about it this week.

How was your weekend?

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