18 September 2013

11 simple things to enjoy every day

Contrary to the writing above I think happiness can come for free every day. But surely, you have to take it one day at a time and demand it. Happiness is a big word and a big thing. May be too big for a daily plan. But joy, that's a whole different story. Inviting joy daily into your life is doable even if the day doesn't start so well. As I might have told you before, the first thing I do when I realise I am sad/angry/frustrated, I think of a way to turn my mood for the better. I find a joy, and if I get the time, I turn to you/blog to share it. Here are some suggestions for you to think about whenever you feel you need a mood shift:

Comfort food
As I grow wiser(older) I try to make healthier choices but it's a process and I still can't resist chocolate chip cookies. The only smart thing to do is not to bring them in the house of buy them in the first place. Lately I turn to frappes or peaches when I need a snack. Or sunflower seeds, nuts and co.

Nice pyjamas
I tend to neglect pjs but I have put it on my shopping list lately. It's nice to put clothes on when you get ready in the morning but it's even nicer to put wonderful pjs on at night. It's more intimate and there are no dress codes attached: you can be girly one night and sexy the following night (or even forget about them some days), It just depends...and it feels so nice to be "put together" even when you go to sleep. Add to that some hand moisturiser with a great smell (like the cherry blossom from L'Occitane) and sweet dreams are on their way.

Fresh air and Sun
I don't even need to comment on this. We need sun to grow a smile and fresh air to air our thoughts. I am lucky to have a dog that needs to be walked at least twice a day, so I need to make time for him. Even though it can feel like a chore at the beginning I always enjoy the walk by the time I come back home

Nice shower gel
Maybe a shower is enough to take away the stress but I enjoy a nice shower gel/oil even more. Again, L'Occitane cherry blossom is my favourite now and I love the smell of my skin afterwords. It surely sounds a bit narcissistic but you absolutely need to love yourself. At least sometimes, after a good shower. Haha!

Alone time
As useful as it is to spend quality time with others you need to find time to spend with yourself. A good talk with yourself always helps to put things into perspective or a good silence to clear the million thoughts running around in your head.

Someone who remembers with you
That's what close friends or family are for. The other day me and my mom remembered the nice cakes my aunt had at her wedding more than 25 years ago. It surprised us that  we both remembered a sheep decoration on one of the cakes (there were a lot of small cakes there and not a big one, like we do it now). It was really a special moment.

A nice wake up
I guess everybody has its own preference on this. Just find yours and enjoy it at least in the weekends or even better every day. Find something to enjoy as soon as you wake up so that you set the mood right for the day. It can be as little as a nice song, a coffee,  or a good read on your way to the office (for the ones driving there are audio books, so this is always a choice)

Good internet
If you are reading this you are already enjoying it. So be grateful and keep reading. And come back here for another visit whenever you have good internet.

Purchase just for you
The shopaholic in you doesn't need any guidance here. It can be as little as flowers or as big as :

A stunning pair of shoes
The right shoes can take you anywhere and these are really the items where the investment is worth making in terms of quality and comfort. Sometimes, for me, it's like putting confidence on , it just feels great.

At least one person who gets it
Talking to people with similar life challenges can be so comforting. You are not alone and surely not the only one out there having hard times. Share them, find ideas to make things better and enjoy the talk.

This is my adaptation of the original article "11 Simple things that everyone needs to be happy". Hope you  enjoy both the original and mine here.

At the end of the day you can have one or many joys. The thing that really counts is acknowledging them and be grateful for them. GRATITUDE makes the difference between happy people and the others. So, what have you enjoyed today?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!
Aura - Appreciative Joy Curator

Credit photo: ignaziolaci.com

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