28 August 2013

Summer summer summertime

by Adina

So yeah, now that autumn is coming, the topic on everyone’s lips (and keyboards) is the end of summer. Of course we all enjoy long summer evenings of hanging out in a pub or a park, the lightness of not having to layer up before going out, wearing coloured sunglasses, drinking Aperol and all that jazz. But to be honest I am looking forward to cooler evenings and nights when you have to put a jacket on! However, this is not what I set out to write about!

One of my favorite summer activities is having a barbecue with friends. Mine and everyone else’s, for that matter! With work and/or projects that are taking over our lives and people moving overseas,  I’ve come to accept, not happily, that it’s getting a bit difficult to see my friends as often as I used to do before… well, before we all became responsible grown ups. What used to be “common practice”, seeing friends every couple of days and spending a lot of time together, is now becoming a more rare event, when there’s a birthday or something as such involved. And when you have the birthdays of two of your closest friends, it’s a complete celebration!

After a summer of working weekends (not that I’m complaining, I got to travel a lot and it was fun in the end), we all got together (and I mean really everyone in my closest group of friends) on Saturday evening and headed to the countryside for a getaway barbecue and catching up. The result involved good food, alcohol, music, dancing, cats and the cutest grandma ever!

I got to spend quality time with the boys and girls that I most love and have been missing while traveling the country. We danced, made jokes, stayed outside until 4am, relaxed… it was awesome!

So if you’re a workaholic like yours truly and haven’t had a chance to enjoy all your close ones together this summer, you still have some sunny weekends ahead, summer or not, to gather everyone and throw an outdoor party! It’s amazing what a chillaxed evening with best friends can do to your mood and positive vibes! And that’s why weekends even exist, am I right or am I right?

Enjoy weekends and your dear ones!

Bisous bisous!

PS: this is my first guest post and I wanted to keep it in the family. It was written by my cousin, Adina, the one in the middle of the picture above. Welcome, thanks and we'll be waiting for more!

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