2 August 2013

iPop shoes

Last week I bought 3 pair of shoes. It's not my fault. There is a great iPop fashion store in  the Sun Plaza mall (with great discount prices) and my husband encouraged me to buy them all (2 one time and the flats 2 days after). I feel a little guilty but I enjoy the shoes so much that the guilt will surely and shortly go away.
So, in the order of heel hight:

The Diesel ballet flats - with silver accents. Even A. , a big fan of high heels, liked them so I couldn't miss the chance.

The American Eagle mini heels. I know this heel is very trendy now but not one of my favourite trends. I was looking for a comfy pair of shoes so when A. brought them to me I was reluctant to try them on. But I did and they make my legs look nice and they have some glitter in the jeans...So, it was love at second sight and I like them even more now.

The Pepe jeans suede sandals with wooden heels. This was love at first sight; see, try, buy, no argue about them. Next to the sandals you can see our dog, Pufi. He's cute, isn't he?!

Have you done any shoe shopping this sales season?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

If you want to see some great shoes,not mine, check this and this out.

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