27 August 2013

Over the rainbow

It's 10 pm and I still have a (work) call to make. Today was one of those crazy days, when, even if you enjoy work, you just can't wait to unplug and relax and rest... During these busy hours I began to chat with my friend vacationing in France. I was happy for her and the nice places she is revisiting but I was still trapped in my work to do list. Then, in a  WhatsApp second my day turned for the best when she sent me this rainbow (the one in the picture below).

I felt truly grateful and like a fool. A fool for getting caught up in the everyday life and grateful for the nice present that changed my day. I started to loosen up, my work related call was very pleasant, and then, via Facebook, I enjoyed this wonderful dance form Ukrain's Got Talent. You gotta see it! And this is another dance from Duo Flame and another . I just can't get enough.

I had a good day after all, cause all's well when ends well. With a little help from your friends: real or Facebook ones. Internet is grant, isn't it?!

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

Appreciative Joy Curator


  1. si, pentru second joy of the day (sper :D), check your email :)

    1. Super, for the next episode/blog post ... You did it!!!