26 August 2013

On romantic movies, The Good Wife and marriage

Romantic movies.
How do you feel about them? Do they even make them anymore? Or is just romantic comedies these days? Like romance is not enough and you have to put jokes on the table to feel right at the end.

I did something exceptional today. Not in the good sense of the word, in the very rare sense of exceptional. I turned on the TV and let the remote guide me till I found a film that seemed right. And it was right. With romance and falling in love and uncertain end. It was about a young lady going through a divorce and falling in love for a 19 year old good looking guy/kid. (I like young men, I guess this is why I kept watching the movie, and I liked the fact that they didn't end up together, I like realistic movies, too). Anyways, while I was watching the movie I felt hungry for being loved. Really loved, passionately loved...

Lucky me, I normally don't watch TV and I am currently into the 4th season of The Good Wife. She is separated form her husband so when I don't feel very well about my marriage I feel good that I'm not the only one. Yeah, I know, it's a TV series (not a real story), but still, it calms me down...

That's the thing about marriages, they are a development in progress, with ups and downs and the only constant is the commitment. It's not all romance and not all "The Good Wife". It just is, differently, for every marriage out there.

" ...Before you can make high towers, it’s best to build a good strong base. It comes from laughter, empathy, forgiveness, accepting the other person’s struggle, and knowing yourself. 

But sometimes without knowing it, you build too high and too fast. Things get shaky and start to wobble.

There is always a way to rebuild if you’re willing. Always new and different blocks to try, always time to take a few steps back and build the bottom stronger.
So these days, I honor the builders."

I quoted from a wonderful post abut "The true story of a seven year marriage" . Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

To the builders!

Photo credit : creativetryals

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