29 August 2013

It's About Time

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it... You know the song, you must! Our family reunites on Friday as we go to pick the boys from my parents, we attend a baptism on Saturday and after that, on Sunday, off we go to our, now classic, 1st of September vacation at the seaside.Hip hip hoorey!

But what really got me in this cheerful mood today was the perspective of seeing a good movie. Soon, real soon. Finaaaaally! I was so waiting for a good movie for quite a while now and it's about time I saw one. "About Time" premiers this fall and comes from the creators of "Love Actually", "Notting Hill" and "For Weddings". Need I say more?! I don't think so. Any girly girl I know should be convinced by now. The story seems interesting and philosophical too. For now I am sharing my sheer enthusiasm with you and my favorite trailer :

You can also see the international trailer or the UK trailer 2. When did they start making multiple trailers for a movie? Or have I lived in a cave up until now?
"Love actually" is back, can you believe it? Sort of, but "sort of Love Actually" works for me. 

If you could relive any moment of your life what would you do differently?

Aura - Appreciative Joy curator.

PS: have you seen any great movies lately?

Photo credit: favim.com

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