8 August 2013

Hooked on "Get free"

What happens when you hear a nice song at the radio but you know nothing about and, of course, you would like to hear it later? If you're smart and your phone is smart too, you say "Open, sesame" . Nowadays is open Shazam and that's all.

If you have a smart phone but you're not smart enough to download the music recognition app here is what happens: it takes 3 days to find out what's the song you are so excited about.

Day1: I hear the song playing on the radio. So, I initiate my song recognition routine: memorise a few lyrics so that I can later google them and find the song. Sounds like a good plan, one that worked for me lots of times before. This time though, when I am in front of my laptop I realise that there is not a single word that I can remember, just the music.

Day2: I browse all the tops I can find in the hope that reading the hits will help me remember the words and identify the song. No luck, I listen to some of them and nothing matches what I had in mind. I listen to a commercial radio on line hoping to hear the song, again, no luck. I am desperate so I call my cousin with the plan that I will sing to her the music and she will know what I'm singing about. Of course she has better things to do and doesn't answer the phone. My anxiety rises but I have to go to bed...

Day3: I start listening to an on-line radio again determined not to quit until I find it. First song- Alexandra Stan- Lemonade. I was already feeling sorry for myself while thinking about all the music (that I don't like) I would have to listen to get to where I want. But, with the second song my luck changed and here it was: Major Lazer - Get Free ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors 


"I just wanna dream..." about Jamaica, electric dancehall, sun, sand and doing nothing at all but listening to this cool song. It's definitely my summer hit for 2013.

What's your music hook this summer?


P.S. I have downloaded Shazam now somewhere during day 2.

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