11 August 2013

Games kids play

I spent most of this week at my parents' house. When you have kids home is where your kids are. As much as I enjoyed being with them, raising a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old can be sooo challenging. Sometimes it feels like we are all playing a mind game and most of the times my boys are far better players. Tudor is very independent and precise with what he wants wheres Cristian is starting to loose his innocence by acting rude at times. I'm not interested in turning them in 2 "yes men" but more focused on raising 2 intelligent and well mannered men. There are days when I think I'm not doing too good of a job but I hope eventually they will learn what I'm trying to teach them.

The mind game will be on for a long time, I just need to get smarter at it. Parenting can be a tough job but at the end of the day it's the best one. Also, at the end of the day the bed ones go away and I am left with the good ones: the quality time we enjoyed together playing nice games:

What you can't see in the last motion picture is that they are both wearing my heels and this is why they were so excited.

It's nice to be (blog) back!

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