19 August 2013

3 secrets to making things tick

Kevin Winter-Getty Images

Some time ago, I was telling you here that Ashton Kutcher is my perfect fantasy. I couldn't say exactly what I liked about him, except for the killer smile. No I do: he is sexy, but in a smart way.

His acceptance speech at Teen Choice Awards already went viral and I'm not talking only about teens here. Mitch Joel, a respected marketer from Six Pixels of Separation, was inspired by Ashton to write a post about his own hard work to success.
So ladies, don't get distracted by the looks and listen carefully to this:

It was a nice lesson for all the kids out there:
  • Opportunity looks a lot like hard work
  • Sexy is being smart, thoughtful and generous
  • Build a life, don't live one

"The sexiest thing in the entire world is being smart and being thoughtful and being generous" - this is what I want to teach my boys.

So, what do you think? Is Chris sexy?!

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