21 August 2013

10 tips for closet clean up


 Immediately after I wrote about my spring list, my friends asked me for advice on how to clean up their closet. Given the fact that this afternoon I done it again here is my closet clean up philosophy (fashionistas, this is not for you, this is for normal girls like me)
  1. closet clean up, like any major change in your life, is a process. You can do it with professional help telling you to throw away everything that doesn't feet anymore, all that has cheap material blah, blah...but it would be harder I think to do it all in one session. I used to edit my clothes before but the first time I took things seriously was this spring and I'm not done yet
  2. bring a friend- this is what I learnt from Emily and it was the best advice. You need to pick a friend that you trust and admire for her/his style choices so you can take her advice when in doubt. And I guarantee that you will have fun. Thanks, Adina, for being my closet clean up buddy
  3. it's hard and it will surely get emotional but is worth the time and effort. I even kissed a blouse good bye and I am glad that I did. It was the right thing to do :)
  4. it's your right to keep some "museum pieces", things that bring back memories. They will make you smile when you set your eyes on them from time to time;
  5. another thing that I allowed myself to do - I kept some clothes that don't feet me anymore with the promise that I will give them all away next year if I can't wear them by then.
  6. I set a target- to have all my clothes fit in the 4 doors I have
  7. I maximise the space by storing some jewelry under my hangers
  8. I use the inside of the doors as mood boards with pictures and quotes that inspire me
  9. I still have some sorting to do for the hangers section, but for one afternoon I am ok with the results
  10. at the end I have 3 large shopping bags of clothes waiting for a new owner and my closet looks very airy now

In the future some new identical hangers will change the esthetic of the closet and there are other things that I still need to do. For now I can tell you that my mornings will be easier as I only have to choose from clothes that I enjoy wearing.

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