23 July 2013


Cristian already knows: whenever he says something interesting I reach for my notebook and write it down. I have quite a collection of notebooks: one for Cristian, one for Tudor, 2 for the blog, one for travelling and some more. Seems that I like writing, haha....

And I also have this blog-  a sort of notebook of its own, so let me share with you one of Tudor's interesting moments from tonight.

After I turned off the light I wanted to kiss him good night. He said no, no kiss (nu pup). I respected that. We said good night and he also said "(l)ove you mommy" ("besc mami"). Now I really wanted to kiss him so I went next to him and asked if it was ok.
          - Manga (it was the first time he said this and I was on searching mode asking myself what could it mean)
          - Manga mana, he said while caressing his left arm with his little right hand. I realised he wanted to say "mangaie mana" which is Romanian for "caress hand".

I caressed his arm while he was slowly falling asleep. I was falling in love again, flooded with love... and amazed at how precise a 2 year-old can be when asking for affection.

I feel this is a lesson worth learning. Requested tenderness is no less caressing than spontaneous one if one knows where to ask for it...


  1. What an adorable moment! It made me go "awww" out loud.

    1. It was very special for me. I'm glad that you enjoyed it too.

  2. Such a little cutie:)
    Thanks for sharing