20 July 2013

Spice up my life

What do you do when life is sweet? You spice it up a bit, or at least I would, I feel that I would.

Yesterday, I wanted some music and the first artist that came to my mind was P!nk. I passed the Try obsession so, here I was listening to Just give me a reason when I realised I WANNA BE P!NK !!!
  • I want her hair cut and the guts to cut my hair, although I have a feeling it might not suit me
  • I want at least one tattoo, but then again some days I question this
  • I want her abs, no question here. Just that it would be the toughest one out of the 3. And when I say toughest please read impossible.

A night after, I slept on it, and I am back to being Aura. It feels good but ...The wild Aura has been tamed for quite a while now. And unattended...

How about you? Are you in the mood for some crazy stuff, whatever that means for you?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!
Aura, the domestic me

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