15 July 2013

Same o', same o'

Finally this weekend was a quiet one, no special events, just routine. And routine can be so comforting especially when you need to rest. And we did with a little bit of fun, too.

So, here it is what I've enjoyed this past weekend:

1. Ursus Cooler - perfect mix between lemonade and beer and the perfect drink on a hot summer day. Not exactly my routine before this weekend, but after 3 beers - one each weekend afternoon, we can say it's a habit, right?!

2. Fun with Tudor at Oraselul Copiilor/Kids Town

3. Caramel popcorn - my treat while Tudor was riding all the cars in the park

4. 2 TV series- finally back to one of my top relax methods. The first one is a BBC series I'm going to tell you about "in the next episode" of JoyAcoustics.  I can tell you now that it stars Archie Panjabi / Kalinda from The Good Wife which lead me to finally start watching The Good Wife. I've got 4 seasons ahead and a lot of ironing to do ( I watch TV series while I do the ironing so I can enjoy the latter)

How was your weekend?


Credit photo 3 here, 4 here

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