12 July 2013

On friendship and a shirt dress

Travelling without shopping is like food without salt. And do you know what's even better than shopping when travelling? A day of shopping with your best friend, coffee and a nice chat.

We visited the majority of the shops on Regent Street and the pleasure was "the journey" not necessarily the buying. I only bought one thing, something that I wanted for a long time: a shirt dress. I found a very interesting one  in Massimo Dutti. I had a simpler shirt dress in mind but the only one that was left fitted me very well, it was in silk, with an interesting paisley design and on sale. How could I say no?

Now I am looking forward to a night out cause I think the dress is perfect for a summer night.

Looking back 13 years ago when I met my best friend as a student room mate we had big dreams. Travelling was surely one of them. I am grateful for our day home away, for the shopping and most of all for our friendship.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

Credit photo: polyvore

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