10 July 2013

London in my eyes

Last week, my husband and I spent 5 days in London. The "excuse" was a Robbie Williams concert on my summer list. I'm not going to tell you about London's landmarks as they were not my focus given the fact I was in London one time before. I am sharing with you my little London pleasures through pictures and some explanatory comments:

A super relaxing read of my favourite magazine, Red, that happens to be a "local", in Russel Square park

Unexpected art in the borough of Camden

Visiting the town's toy museum is one of my musts whenever I travel. In London they have Pollock's toy museum, a little dusty, but still a nice step back into the beautiful childhood

A toy around 100 year old that looked so familiar because of Ann Geddes photos

Miniature doll houses - my favourites

A baby enjoying the leaves and grass around with his little fingers and big eyes

Dogs running around

Happiness can come in pink and blue at the same time...

...and all the other colours of the world

Trends - I was quite surprised to see this lady speaking on the phone using this big receiver. It all made sense when I discovered the accessory in the United Colors of Benetton store, so this is trending... like Garance says

An interesting chandelier in the Regent Street Nike store

Me, in case you haven't seen me in a while

A building of London University that looks a lot like our Bucharest House of Free Press

Lego Royalties at Hamleys

Lego again

A cute dog

Agatha Christie

Fresh flowers everywhere, these ones are from Garfunkel's


Where was your last city break?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!


  1. It looks like you had fun in London! Such a great city~~

    1. I hope to make this my annual get-away. I am a London type of girl :)