8 July 2013

Happy birthday, Cristisor!

I've saved this nice little story to share with you on this very special day for me: today Cristian turned 5.

One beautiful May day Cri finds the mask of his Spiderman costume in a box full of toys. I was changing Tudor's diper when Cri asks:
      - Mommy, can you find the Spiderman costume for me?
      - No
      - Why mommy? You will give me joy! (De ce mami? Ca o sa-mi faci o bucurie!)

Speechless, I find the rest of the costume quite fast and then I rush to the bathroom with my smart phone (yeah, I became one of those people who take the phone with them to the bathroom, I could of swore this would never happen to me).

Anyways, I was exhausted and hoped for a few time-out moments, for me only. While I was checking my blog roll, coincidentally I find this post on andressa about kids. One of the comments quotes from "Desperate Housewives" : "never from now on will you pee on your own (when you have kids). Right on time cause Tudor is fussing around me while I am where even the kings go alone. I normally don't do this but I really need 5 minutes alone, so I call for Cri to take Tudor to play with him. He is all dressed in his Spiderman costume and he says to Tudor:
       - I, Spiderman, order you to leave our queen, (he pauses and corrects), our princess, to make number two!/ (In numele meu, Spiderman, iti spun s-o lasi pe regina noastra (se corecteaza apoi), printesa noastra, sa faca cacalica!)

I don't know about my translation skills but the Romanian Cri's order was really hilarious. Tudor left with Cri and I was left with a big smile on my face.

If you don't have kids, remember this: when you have kids, you never pee alone. But if you have, you may well be somebody's princess!!!

This night, after I put Tudor to bed Cristian was watching the end of Ocean's Eleven with A. I joined them, holding him in my arms and answering all his questions about the theft. It was my favourite part of his birthday, the moment when I realised that I have a big boy now, one that I can finally watch movies with...

Happy birthday, Cristisor!

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