18 July 2013

Back to TV series - "The Fall"

"UK knows how to tell a great story with realism" says one review on imdb . I couldn't agree more. Starting with Broadchurch I have enjoyed the British TV series with their slow pace, more realistic than the US one.

"The Fall" is different than Broadchurch. Darker, thriller. The TV series takes place in Belfast and the main characters are Gillian Anderson, a detective and Jamie Dornan, a serial killer. While everybody knows Gillian from The X Files, chances are you don't know Jamie. I didn't, and what a waste that was. He is almost as cute as Ashton , my favourite, and I can tell you that before he took acting he was a Calvin Klein lingerie model.  Check it out/google it and you will find some very nice pictures.

Back to serious stuff. Compared to other series, this one focuses on the modus operandi of the serial killer and in parallel shows his apparently normal family life with 2 children. Huffington Post says: "More of a revelation is Jamie Dornan in that role. He inhabits thoroughly the complexities of a man older than himself, believable in both guises of loving family man and psychopathic loner with a whole load of unsavoury stuff in the loft, in what is sure to become his breakthrough role." You can see more critics' reviews here .

The action, while slow paced, is very captivating and the only thing kind of bad is we are left with an open-end of the first season. Daily Mirror says that "The Fall’s controversial open-ended climax was designed to “change the nature” of how TV tells crime stories and make them more like real life". “What we know is that life’s not like that. It’s not that easy to catch serial killers - detectives aren’t superhumans.”

Serial killers aren't superhumans either so I am looking forward to the glorious moment when he will be caught. Unfortunately production for the next season starts early in 2014, so you decide if it's worth the wait. I say yes.



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