28 July 2013

6 hours

I spent the weekend at my parents house where I left the boys for the now classic august vacation. I enjoyed being home again so much and I can't wait to go back and spend quality time somehow similar to my wonderful childhood.

I am kids free for 6 hours now and here is what I've done so far:
  • stayed in the front passenger seat while we were driving back to Bucharest - I normally stay in the back with the kids;
  • went to a little shopping session with A and A (aka my husband and my cousin);
  • had time to see all the shoes in the shop, try on every pair I wanted to try, checked all the clothes I wanted and even try a dress on. Last time I was there Tudor was already bored and crying and I only had the time to try on the shoes that A. chose for me;
  • bought a pair of ballet flats;
  • enjoyed a nice chat/gossip over a frappe afterwards;
  • watched an episode of Suits during the day, not after I put the kids to bed;
  • had a Snickers ice cream, again, during the day, cause I would normally refrain not to tempt the boys to eat ice cream too
And the best is yet to come...

Sometimes I need to make time to go back to who I  was before I had my kids. I am a better person now that I have them but truth is I no longer own my life. Instead I get to shape 2 other lives and enjoy their innocent smiles, loving hugs and exquisite adventures. Yeap, you're right, I miss them already but I will enjoy every minute of the month to come.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

Photo credit and freppe recipe here

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