7 June 2013

Wedding magic

There's something magic about a wedding: the promise , the vows, the blind trust, the way you are offering yourself wholeheartedly to the one you love.

Is marriage a matter of luck or a matter of choice? How objectively can you chose when you are in love? Is it better to make a rational decision about marriage? I think not. Then there wouldn't be any magic left in there.

I told you here, a long time ago, when I was just starting my blog that I like weddings. Me as a distant admirer , the wedding as an active reminder of what marriage is all about.

And what is it about? A partnership seasoned with love. The love that makes it all magic. A love that transforms in time, gets better, easier but at the same time always complex (that is not to say complicated). A little less conversation a little more action...

Married or not, I have for you a lovely wedding from South Africa that I enjoyed through pictures today. It looks just perfect, I hope you will enjoy it too.

You can see all the beautiful pictures  on lovemadevisible. The name of the site is lovely, too, isn't it?
I found out about it from classiq - the most elegant blog, so I though you may want to check it out too.

How do you feel about weddings?

Have a great weekend filled with joy!

Photo credit: lovemadevisible

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