6 June 2013

The perfect bag

I am very picky when it comes to bags: not too small but at the same time I don't like big ones either, the shape is very important, I prefer the ones that are not in leather cause they are heavier, and the list can go on forever... Add to that I get bored easily so I want a new bag at least twice a year: one for the warm season and the other for the cold season.  You can see why finding the right one is a hard job but it seems I'm getting better at it.

A few weeks back I found the perfect bag: Replay Five-days-bag

"Five bags, five styles, five days. All in one. From chunky little pale leather bag with studded straps, to a similar model with color-contrast bottom, to come-on-strong shoulder bag in animal print denim, to a slick urban version of the same, to big nylon carryall. There's no way to beat it" says Replay. I couldn't agree more.

And you know the best about this? It's mine! I got it as a birthday gift from A. who went back to the store "behind my back" and bought it for me. Thank you, A. !

Well, do you like it? What's your perfect and preferred accessory?


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