18 June 2013

The golden age of YES

This is my blog, my thing, the thing that I look forward to doing late at night after I put the kids to bed. My nails have been less manicured in the last year, I sleep less cause,  instead, I get to do something I really enjoy. And I get to dream. I dream that my blog matters to someone out there, that I bring a smile to someone's life, that I make somebody's day a tiny bit more enjoyable.

There are days though when I am really worn-out, I have no feedback for my blog and I just wanna quit and sleep. "Nobody cares anyhow" I say to myself. You may have thought the same at some point, right? Days like this I turn to the one and only Seth Godin, listen to him and in 20 minutes I feel that I can conquer the world again.

His advice:
  • Do it on purpose: ask yourself "how am I am leading up" ?
  • Tell stories that resonate with those in charge to get under their skin
  • Demand responsibility but don't worry about authority
  • Reflect credit, embrace blame, come back for more , cause anybody is eager to work with somebody that makes them feel good
  • Last resort- if they don't get it - find someone who gets it.

"Everyone owns a media company. You're not gonna get picked. You're left with the awesome, scarey responsibility to pick yourself and say <this is the best  I can do>"

So, in the end there's just one question: Are you going to matter?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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