11 June 2013

Summer essentials

The summer is here, are you ready to have fun in the sun? I've put together some pieces that will make my summer more beautiful:

1. A white dress - I am not a fan of black or white but, even for me, a white dress is a must in the summer.

2. A backless shirt for warm summer afternoons

3. A floral silk blouse for windy nights, perfect to keep you warm but light enough for summer

4. A fine piece of jewelry: a heart shaped white and pink pendant. Perfect for the white dress and many others. Can it get any girlier than this?! I think not but girly is sooo pretty, don't you think?

 5. The skin is on display at the max in summer so a nice cream to protect and nourish it is required. What about a body conditioner from Lush? Before, I didn't even know this existed. The fact that it goes well on wet skin makes it perfect after the shower

6. Anything else? A scent of a woman, but a very subtle one... The Cherry Blossom shower gel from L'Occitane leaves just enough perfume for a crazy hot summer day

In fact this is a THANK YOU NOTE in disguise. All these are gifts I received from my friends for my birthday. Lucky me to have great friends, very generous too and I'm not talking about gifts when I say generous.

Thank you very much, girls!!!
What are your summer essentials?



  1. I'm going to have to try the LUSH product, sounds good. One of my summer essientials is sunscreen! I love the Anthelios and also Neutrogena.

  2. I love these gifts!
    Very kindd of your friends!

    1. Yes, I'm grateful to have such great friends.