2 June 2013

Roshambo- Saturday, add day

I attended a wedding yesterday and I am all sentimental now...
Maybe that's  the reason why this week Saturday add is lovely. Again about intensity, not the coffee one, but the one that only being in love can get you.  The add presents the latest Free People collection in the most flirty and sensual way. It's playful too, cause the 2 are playing Roshambo to determine when their date ends.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did: the clothes on one side, Boho & Indie clothing, and the nice love story on the other.

 In case you're watching Girls, you recognised Christopher Abbott. Maybe I will give Girls another try after all. He is not my type but there is something very inviting about him, and her also. And the clothes?! I wasn't aware of this boho side of me but I would certainly love to wear everything she is wearing in the short film.

Do you like it? Have you seen any great adds recently?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

Photo from bohemedreams


  1. I had shared this on my facebook page a while back because I'm kind of obsessed. Seriously, when is the next one?

    1. I wander too. Probably when their next collection is ready. I'm looking forward to the sequel