25 June 2013

Coral dreams

Growing up, there were a few occasions when I was allowed to watch TV after my bedtime. I already told you here about Steaua and another occasion was a Romanian Singing Festival- Mamaia. One night a contestant was wearing a superb coral dress and I liked it so much that I can remember it even now, more than 15 years after. Coral is one of my favorite colors in summer so I have selected some accessories that I would love to make mine:

Coral and Diamond Drop Earrings here
They have a killer price around $17 000. But with these on I would feel like a princess no matter the dress or anything else for that matter. Do you like them?

Diesel Loona Bag here
I wonder if there are support groups for bag shopaholics. I got a new bag a month ago and I already have my eyes set on this one. But how can I not? Like every respected addict I even did a small trick: put the $17 000 earrings first so this would come as a bargain. Which is not, but still, a girl can dream...

Steve Madden Magestee Coral Wedge here
Wedges are my choice for summer because they offer both height and comfort. The crocheted straps, raffia wedge and leather detail look just perfect, don't you think?

Malvensky silk scarf from Marame Collection
This collection is inspired by Romanian traditional costume and the prints are really awesome. You can see the complete collection here

What's your favorite color in summer?


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