26 June 2013

Cooler kiss

I am in a long term relationship turned marriage for more than 8 years now. And there is only one thing that I miss from my single life: a first kiss. I have accepted that I will never have it again and, in the meantime, I am enjoying others kissing for the first time. Even if it is on a TV series, especially since I've been waiting for this kiss for 38 episodes. I'm talking about Jess and Nick from New girl. And the kiss was worth the wait and some. And it was a tick off my summer list.

I'm not the only one raving about this. Glamour is also talking about it here : "I'm not sure I've ever seen one that actually took my breath away. That kiss transcended TV--and most of the Blockbuster rom-com section. That kiss belongs inside a glass trophy case alongside Gone With the Wind and "V-J Day in Times Square." You can see it below or directly on youtube here

Who said Nick was a looser?! And the best part about the kiss was how Jess described it to her best friend Cece:

"I saw through space and time for a minute"

When was the last time you saw through space and time?


PS the name of the episode is Cooler, hence the title of my post

Credit photo glamour.com

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