26 May 2013

Window of Intensity - Sunday, ad day

Hi there, how is your Sunday so far?
Sundays should be easy, just like the song. So what better and easier way to take a little scoop of joy on Sunday than a simple but powerful ad.

According to allofus.com a shop window was "transformed into a unique sensory experience combining sound and real time, generative visual effects across a vast LCD video wall. Using a live HD video feed, motion tracking technology and Microsoft Kinect, the public will see their surroundings transformed through visual effects ranging from immersive colour trails, weather alterations to crystallising patterns, triggered by motion and proximity.  The closer the user is to the window and the Carte Noire tin, the more intense the experience, emulating the intensity inside every tin of Carte Noire Instinct."

To me this is advertising taken to the next level. What do you think of it?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

Photo credit: allofus.com


  1. I agree! I love this video and it's taken to the next level.


    1. I hope I will experiment the same soon.