25 May 2013

Nike Sky Hi dream

Where were we? We were talking about some lovely J Crew shoes this week.

How do you feel about wedge sneakers? I thought they were a kind of monster but it seems that Nike has a touch of magic that can turn monsters into beauties. Et voila:

Nike Dunk Sky Hi Milan - perfection for me: the colour, the leather mix, the design... Long sigh...

If you don't like Milan, there are others to choose from: Paris, London, New York, Tokyo. You can take a wild guess which belongs to each city and then go to Nike store to check:

I know from experience that a pair of Nikes is a great investment (my running shoes are Nikes that I bought almost 10 years ago). It's high time I had a new pair and I secretly dream that these Nikes are my shopping extravaganza of this year. 

What's your shopping extravaganza this year?


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