20 May 2013

J. Crew - Shiny Ponies

Hi, there! I'm back! Mommy me has left the building (last 3 posts were all about my kids). The fashionista in me is back with eye candies for you. So let's talk about shoes today.

Strangely as it may seem, Youtube knows me well cause today it suggested this nice video that's too good not to share it with you. Why:
  • it's all about shoes. Do I need to say more?!
  • Jenna Lyons is fascinating to me because of her work at J. Crew. You can find more about her professional life from Garance and about her equally interesting private life on dailymail
  • I totally share her shoe philosophy: leopard is a neutral
  • some shoes don't work out - they are the ugly dollies (I 'm sure you have at one pair too from an impulse buy)
  • traffic stopping, dog frightening shoes are also there - curious already?! 
  • other than the above, colorful, shiny beautiful shoes - the shiny ponies. Ready to see them?

"There's a sense of sparkle in a shoe... I mean, you know, that little extra...Shoes are like fairies, that sort of magical piece that finishes everything" That says it all, why we love shoes so much. As if we needed an excuse...

And the Nikes there, I gotta tell you about the perfect pair I recently discovered. So, let's talk Nikes tomorrow, or is it too soon for another shoe talk?



  1. My god!
    I love those shoes!
    So wonderful defile!

    1. Glad you like this too. I watched the video multiple times ...

  2. I love these shoes! I would be going crazy for all of them haha


  3. Since we can't have them all (I don't have any of them, to be more precise), we can enjoy looking and be inspired for our future choices.