15 May 2013

Depeche Mode forever!


You know: boys come and go but Depeche Mode has been a constant in my life for the last 20 years (this sounds like I am much older when, in fact, I will turn 33 soon- not young, not old, just perfect LOL)

Depeche Mode sings my mind and my soul like nobody else. They never disappointed me ( maybe a little when the 2009 concert was canceled, but I can understand that Dave was not feeling well). On the contrary, I fall in love with them over and over again with the launch of every new album, 13 times so far.

Anyways, I could say so much about Depeche, but who cares?! Better listen to them singing than read my blah, blah. I want to tell you one thing though, of which I'm certain: they were in my life before the first boy was and over the last 20 years they shaped the way I love among other beautiful things DM brought to my life. I know all about free love and the beauty of it and my husband should thank them for this...

Gotta go now: places to go, Depeche Mode to see LIVE in concert.

There are so little guaranties that life has to offer but I feel that Depeche Mode will stay with me forever. That's the beauty of being a fan.

What's your favourite band/singer/artist in the world?


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