17 May 2013

Childhood nostalgia

This morning my childhood smiled at me though these beautifull white convolvulus and I smiled back sharing my joy with Cristian. As soon as I saw these in the yard of Tudor's daycare I felt nostalgic for those happy days.

I stopped for a while and told Cristian how much I liked them when I was a little girl and how nice the Romanian name of the flower is: swallow's little dress (rochita randunicii). It was a Matercard/priceless moment: enjoying nature's little wondres, sharing childhood memories with my son, answering his questions and taking pictures to remind me of all these.

What are the things that instantly remind you of your childhood?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!


  1. Beautiful flowers! The thing that reminds me of my childhood has to be the bubbaloo chicle. Those gum were so good and I always had them as a child.


    1. Thanks for sharing. We had Turbo gum from Turkey, and some Romanian gums before that, one was cigarette shaped. Very funny...