7 May 2013


If you've read this blog before chances are you already know I am an avid consumer of TV series. They are one of my trusted little pleasures that I go to whenever I can find the time. Last find was truly a hit : "Broadchurch". It hit me deep - a real drama that had me crying and living the story as if I were there, in a small coastal town in UK. Unexpectedly a 11-year old boy is found dead and police confirms it is murder not suicide. And so the tragedy begins and it is gradually unfolding to reach its boiling point in the final, 8th episode.

To me this is a slow series in the best possible way, something similar to slow food. And the last murder mystery that was not solved in one episode I can think of is Twin Peaks (released in 1990-1991). So it was high time quality took over TV series about murder riddles and nothing more.

Broadchurch is about feelings all the way. It is interesting that the killer artfully hides in plain view with very little clues offered to us in the seventh episode to solve the mystery. More interesting is that the actor who played the killer only found out the truth about his character 2 weeks before the filming ended. And there were only 4 cast members that knew the identity of the murderer during filming.

Olivia Colman, who played the detective sergeant working on the case, is well praised for her ability to emote. I concur. The series wouldn't be that great without her and I hope she will be back for the second season.

The Telegraph wrote: "the plotting never erred, the pacing was superb, and it appealed to sophisticated notions such as the unknowability of the human heart, and forgiveness. It has been a triumph for ITV."


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