19 May 2013

Beautiful Bucharest

As I write this, it's past 1:30 am but Bucharest is very much awake. Tonight Europe is celebrating the Night of Musems. We arrived home less than an hour ago after a busy afternoon. Because we had a family birthday celebration we had limited time to enjoy the musems so we were very selective. And of course we chose the ones that our kids like most.

1. The Fire Tower and its Firemen Museum

We had a pleasant surprise there cause, in addition to the Tower, a firetruck and an ambulance were expecting visitors with their doors wide open. Even I was happy about the hole thing so imagine how happy were the kids:


2. The Railway Museum

After a nice and long dinner party, around midnight we visited the Railway Museum. The highlight was the train circuit that I filmed for later entertainment to have it handy when the kids get bored.

I wander why not make it easier and sooner for everybody to enjoy the city like tonight. Bucharest was the same today as it is on any other day. What made it special were the beautiful people on both sides: the event organisers and the musems' visitors that were wandering the streets long after midnight.

Have a great weekend!

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